VSupport Supports Customers’ Safety!

From the moment you turn on your PC until the moment you turn it off, it is under assault. Hackers try to break it; virus, worms and Trojans try to crawl into it; spyware tries to watch everything you do. Then there are wireless dangers and snooping intruders. What to do? You could spend lots and lots on software and services, and spend countless hours trying to keep yourself safe or you could read on for the safety. We’ll show some easy ways to keep you safe.

We have mentioned security measures in our previous articles like “Is Internet really Safe?”, “Phishing attacks” and some tips and tricks for our customers’ safety. At VSupport LLC online tech support, customer security is the prime concern. VSupport strongly believes that if the services are offered then they are delivered safely.

1. Get complete PC security

2. Check Your Security Online

3. Get Wireless Network Protection Software

4. Use Firewall

5. Encrypt Your Data

6. Protect Yourself against Phishers

7. Disable File Sharing

8. Surf the Web Anonymously

9. Say No to Cookies

10. Protect yourself against Scams

To avoid becoming a victim, it is important to understand what kinds of scams are out there and how you can protect your home computer and your personal information. The newest scam involves a bogus incoming phone call offering you technical support regarding a virus on your computer.

In the land of the long white clouds; the herald of ‘VSupport’, an online technical service provider for PCs, has given you ease of assistance at affordable rates. With the smart certified engineers only a call away, you need not worry. Call them to shoo away your PC malfunctions; install antivirus and anti-spyware products, enhance the processing speed, manage programs or applications, browser problems and much more! With a variety of packages to select from; you can connect to trusted technical assistance, anytime anywhere. Your digital treasures will be in better shape with the assistance of VSupport techsmarties. Technique and trust go hand in hand when you get connected to these techsmarties at VSupport!

Role of VSupport Becomes More Evident 

VSupport, a well-known initiator in online tech support arena, has also earned its spurs in dishing out best of support for branded technology. That’s why; VSupport has come up with most thoroughgoing and unswerving online tech support team for giving a quick-fix to all your PC woes. Moreover, these services can be availed 24 x 7, without time restraints.


Reputable and genuine companies like VSupport, will never make an incoming call to you saying your system has problems – never.



Is Internet Really Safe?

The answer to this question is ‘YES’ but only if you adopt some basic things and use the Internet safely. Now days, hackers have become smart and they try new hacking schemes to fool you. So being safe from these stuffs is quite important especially while using the Internet. People used to surf unknown sites and download different things from Internet without safety. But this can create lot of problems for them particularly when they access some secure and important sites like net banking from the same computer. Just think what will happen if those hackers will get the passwords and other personal details of those secure sites? Our system can easily get infected from unknown downloads and harmful sites. So preventions are always better than cure.

  Here are few points which might help you with safe and secure browsing.

  • Never use important sites on public computer

People always used to use public computers like accessing internet from cyber cafes. Well, I would never advise you to access your important sites from such public computer. Those computers are totally unknown for you and can have any spyware and virus which can collect your personal information like password for those important sites. Use important sites only on your personal computer so that you never face such problem.

  • Choose a better Antivirus

Well, these days almost everyone uses antivirus to keep their system clean. As we are talking about Internet right now, it is better to use the antivirus which is also providing security for the infected sites and mails. As all antivirus provide such facility, some are only limited to scan hard disk, flash drive and other things. But better choose antivirus which also provides security for our Internet work which will give us safe Internet experience.

  •    Be careful while using unknown sites and unknown downloads

This is quite common mistake which can cause unwanted troubles to your PC. There are many people who never think before using unknown sites and downloading unknown stuffs. But this is the most important thing to take care of. Some infected sites can easily destroy your computer by plugging virus or spyware in it. Same goes for unknown downloads. Some unknown downloads or pirated software can easily create a fuss in your system.

  •  Keep your system Firewall on

Firewall is an important tool for being safe from the unwanted things from the Internet. During installation process some software can tell you about switching off the firewall, be careful on such downloads. If you think they are secure than better switch firewall on after installing process. Firewall keeps track if some software from our computer or site which we are surfing trying to access our computer unauthorized. Firewall is a protecting shield for your computers.

  • Installing unknown toolbars and extensions on your browser

Many people download some unknown toolbars and unknown extensions on their browser. Installing such things means we are allowing them to access our data. I mean some of them can track your internet activity for that browser. Keeping all this in mind, surf securely without those unknown stuffs on your browser.

 Following these basic rules and ideas you can easily make your Internet experience safe and secure. Hope it will help you browse secure.

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Computer Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Slow Computer

Computers are an important part of our lives and to deprive them of computer maintenance is only going to cause errors in the future. We can keep a computer running like a new computer if we care for your computer the right way. Computers only run slower as they age because they haven’t been maintained properly, so here are computer maintenance tips to help you avoid a slow computer.

1.       Fix Error Messages

Who doesn’t hate computer error messages? They’re usually misleading, distracting and often useless, but if you ignore them, you shouldn’t be surprised if your computer slows down. An error message tells you that something is erroneous. If you don’t take the time to figure out what is wrong, you’ll probably suffer for long later on. Too often our techies get calls by users complaining of a slow computer only to find out that the user has been ignoring the same error message for weeks or months. All that suffering could have been avoided with a simple fix to the obvious error message. If you want to avoid a slow computer, this is one computer tip you should never forget: fix error messages right away. Happily, you’re already on the site that will help you fix even the most confusing error messages.

2.       Remove Unused Programs

Unused programs shouldn’t disturb your computer—they’d just take up a little extra disk space on you system. But too many unused programs, especially adware, install extra features on your computer that makes your computer slow. For example, some unused programs install small programs that run when your computer starts up. Each of these programs takes up a little bit of your computer memory and a little bit of your computer processing (CPU); they may also “ping” other computers on the Internet, taking up a little bit of your network bandwidth. These unused programs begin to use too much of your computer’s resources, slowing it down. The solution is simple: uninstall programs you’re not using. After you remove all the programs you don’t need, reboot your computer to kill any old startup programs issues.

3.       Defragment

The ancient computers needed all of the help they could get, so Microsoft designed Windows to save files as quickly as possible. Saving files was quick and better because Windows would tear the files into several smaller pieces called fragments and write them on separate parts of the disk. Reading those fragments makes your computer take longer to open files. Microsoft suggests that you speed up your computer by removing the fragments and turning the pieces into whole files again—a process called defragmentation. You should run the defragment tool from the control panel at least once a month on an active computer.

4.       Clean the Registry

You probably keep all of your paper records in a file cabinet. When you need information from an old credit card statement, you open your file cabinet, flip through all the old folders until you get to the credit card folder, find the specific statement, and pull it out. Windows does the same thing when it needs some information about a piece of software, except it uses the Windows Registry instead of a file cabinet. The problem is that Windows checks the Windows Registry hundreds or thousands of times a day. Imagine if you had to check your file cabinet hundreds of times a day—you’d quickly realize how much time you’re wasting flipping through old folders. You’d probably take a moment and throw out those old folders.

5.       Get Better Anti-Virus Software

When you get a new laptop, you get impressed at how fast it ran. Then you installed the anti-virus software and it seems like all you ever saw was an hourglass. Every anti-virus program will slow down your computer, but the best anti-virus programs will slow it down the least because they’re optimized. If you aren’t happy with your anti-virus program, don’t just keep using it and look for alternatives. See our virus removal software page for some great ideas. Visit www.itassists.com for instant help.

6.       Use Your Senses

The simplest on-going maintenance you can do for your computer is to pay attention to it. Notice when it starts making a new sound or when it starts overheated. Remember that problems are usually easiest to fix the sooner you start working on them. Even the best computer maintenance tips are no substitute for fixing current problems. Not interested in doing all this computer maintenance yourself? Call VSupport for instant technical assistance.


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Virus Protection is a must!


Only Antivirus will not protect the system, it should be all round protection!

Computers, Laptops, Tablets or Notebooks are available in various categories and from different manufacturing brands. They all are generated in a bid to provide comfort to the global customers. Information Technology is a dire necessity today as people depend on it for their daily chores.

Shop, surf, bank, socialize or entertain yourself; whatever you do, Internet connection is a must! Computers are a boon as they help you successfully connect; stay connected and enjoy the connection for a lifetime, via the World Wide Web. Being on the Web of course helps you to no end but then; you shouldn’t be oblivious to the fact that these special connectors, the digital systems are open to harm once you are online!

Innumerable harmful and malicious elements are being generated every hour to create havoc with your PCs and benefit the creators of this destructive software. Viruses; Trojan Horses, Worms, Rootkits, Zombies, Adware, Spyware and Phishing attacks etc. are collectively termed as Malware. Malware attacks disable a PC and harm the system very badly. To protect your systems from such attacks you usually install Antivirus software on your systems. These are also available in a wide range; with a variety of functions in different cost effective packages and grant protection to your computers.

But is that enough? Are you sure you have fortified your PCs completely??

If you think you have; then think twice!

Installing Antivirus will surely take care of the invasions that are designed to exploit your PCs and gather data or act as gateways; for cyber crooks who can use the info on your PCs for carrying out identity thefts or credit card frauds.

How about the technical errors? What will you do when your PC develops glitches that your antivirus cannot tackle?

You will need all round technical assistance that can be trusted and at the same time, be comfortable for you.

VSupport has it all! The techsmarties at VSupport are certified and experienced; available 24×7 and can help you resolve your PC issues with secure online remote access.

Dial 1-855-803-4636, the toll free number or just send a chat

request on our website and you get connected to one of our trained experts; anytime, anywhere!

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Optimize your PC, Minimize your worries!

VSupport ensures that PC optimization makes your PC work smooth

No one wants a sluggish and slow computer since PCs have become the most important part of our home or office work nowadays. The reasons for your computer’s bizarre behavior could vary from processor slow-downs to gradual corruption. Unwanted messages and pop-ups can also lead to uncertainties in your PCs.

VSupport can give a possible solution to make your PC work like new again and optimize your PC’s performance. VSupport can help you with PC optimization tools, available in the market, scan your system to diagnose the common problems that your computer might be facing, and give you a detailed report on your PC’s health and performance. VSupport techsmarties can provide you solutions to resolve PC issues and suitable antivirus for your computer protection.

With PC optimization, you can improve its response time and the startup time, prevent registry corruption, enhance its speed etc. by cleaning up the registry built-up, removing unused programs that slow down the computer and much more.

VSupport will help in keeping your computer under check and customize some functions of the computer like memory, hard disk space, and security from viruses, spyware and other potential threats.

 At VSupport, PC Optimization has the following features that help speed up your system and manage your PC’s performance:

✔     Cleaning Registry

✔     Manage Programs

✔     Maintaining System Security

✔     Optimizing the Memory

Cleaning registry

Unwanted registry entries can slow down your computer performance. Thus, it is essential to clean the registry of your system. PC optimization helps in deleting unwanted registries and repairing the invalid registries as they result in error messages and computer crashes. This helps you make the most of your system by compressing the spaces and gaps and by freeing computer memory.

Managing programs

By removing the programs from your system that you don’t use, you can free the processing memory of your system with PC optimization to enhance the processing speed.

Maintaining system security

Install and update your antivirus and antispyware software to secure your computer against potential threats like viruses, spyware, etc. With PC optimization, customize your firewall settings to block adware and filter your mails for Spam.

Optimizing the memory

The hard disk is an integral part of the computer so it is very important to keep it in good condition for your computer to perform faster. With your computer being in use all the time, there is an accumulation of junk and temporary files which eats up the computer memory. Deleting these files is very important to make sure that the memory is free for the computer to perform better.

VSupport optimize your Slow PC for better performance and extend the life of your PC! These are the benefits of PC optimization:

  • Extend the life of your PC
  • Helps to avoid system failure
  • Makes it fast and easy to use

Visit us at http://www.itassists.com/pc_optimize.php to know VSupport services for PC optimization.


VSupport LLC launches its Facebook App – Fix ‘n’ Fun

VSupport LLC launches its Facebook App – Fix ‘n’ Fun

California, July 18, 2012 VSupport LLC – VSupport LLC launches its Facebook Application, a new place for people to get the technical support with social networking.  A step which guarantees you would end up getting faster and more effective help for their personal computers and associated peripherals right at home.

Understanding the importance of computers in your life and necessity of resolving PC glitches, VSupport has developed its Facebook Online Tech Support Services with the features like query request and online assistance. Login to Facebook to see what your friends are reading and sharing. Also get tech support online for your PC problems right away. Getting your PC fixed with fun was never seen before..!!!

About VSupport LLC : VSupport LLC is online technical support company which acquires qualified experienced professionals trained to help and ally you with your operating systems, software, PC security, browsers, Antivirus, network security, printers, system drivers and lot more. VSupport strives relentlessly to provide one stop sure shot solutions for all your technical issues.

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How VSupport as a company can help you? Know more of VSupport!!

VSupport: When we promise something, we deliver!!

VSupport homes ‘techsmarties’ who are credential holders in technical assistance and the best in the industry. They constantly strive to provide the best possible solutions to the clients round the clock.

  •  Live PC Support technicians take your call.
  •  Trojan and virus removal services.
  •  Global tech phone support.
  •  VSupport fixes your computer remotely over the Internet.
  •  Online Technical support any time of day.
  •  No need to pack up your PC and take it to a store.
  •  No need to have someone come down to your home.
  •  No commitments and nothing to lose.
  •  Call us now to get started 1-855-803-4636.

Let VSupport Techsmarties assist you remotely to safeguard your computer and upgrade its security. . VSupport efficiently takes care of your PC and above all, deputes its techsmarties to do a proper follow up from time to time. We can be your trusted supporters.

Online Remote Computer Repair Services

When you need technical help and can’t figure out the problem on your own,  call the toll free number of VSupport and we will fix your PC problem remotely. For details, kindly visit our website www.itassists.com.We do not send a computer technician to your home because it is usually not necessary. Most computer problems can be diagnosed over the phone then fixed with our remote computer repair service. If we can’t fix your problem, we don’t charge you anything.

We offer expert computer help for the services mentioned below:

  • Virus, Spyware, and Trojan Removal
  • Fake antivirus removal
  • Antivirus Program installation
  • Finding the cause of PC crashes
  • Sluggish Performance of PC
  • Printer installation or troubleshooting
  • Backing up the critical data

Online VSupport Service Spectrum :

✔     Antivirus Support

✔     Email Support

✔     Brand Support

✔     Browser Support

✔     Microsoft Support

✔     PC Security

✔   Antivirus Support:  Security is the foremost priority for computer users. VSupport assistance can provide you with security tools and services. The computers are at a major risk due to unpredictable attacks. If  you are doing online transactions or accessing external devices, virus free and threat free environment is required to protect the computer from malicious attacks.

✔     Email Support: Communication mediums also need protection for secure data transfer. Internet security is related to email security and that in turn is related to your computer security. Emails on your personal or office computers must be safeguarded from hackers, viruses, malware, spyware and malicious programs to protect all your personal information. VSupport will provide round the clock assistance for it as well.

✔     Brand Support: Irrespective of the computer brand, VSupport provides assistance for all the laptops and computers as a third party assistance provider. Various problems like troubleshooting, software installation or uninstallation, factory settings restoration and much more.

✔     Browser Support: Usually virus attacks, temporary Internet files, download and add-ons are responsible for the problems in the browsers. Its not just the PCs, even the browsers need tune up and optimization. For World Wide technical assistance you can turn to VSupport, who ensure smooth and hassle free World Wide Web surfing experience.

 ✔     Microsoft SupportVSupport techsmarties can diagnose and fix the problems related to Microsoft products.

✔     PC Security : When you need virus removal help and your anti-virus program is not properly doing it’s job of cleaning up the virus,  give a buzz on the VSupport toll free number and we will connect to your computer over the Internet and clean the virus remotely; with your permission, of course!  Your computer security is our duty.