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If your computer is not secured, it will get assaulted by viruses and when it gets infected, it must be formatted and reloaded before you can trust its security again. Your computer can be invaded by a hacker or by malware without human intervention.  In either case, something malicious can be done to your computer without your knowledge or permission. VSupport techsmarties are available round the clock for PC assistance and security .

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Indications that your computer may be under invasion:

  • The computer is particularly sluggish. It takes longer to start than it used to and applications open slower than they used to.
  • The computer locks up or shuts down unexpectedly.
  • Your Internet connection slows down.
  • Pop-up windows appear when you open any application.
  • The hard drive is full (especially if you had plenty of space yesterday).
  • Your antimalware/ antivirus program stops working.
  • You can’t connect to antimalware/antivirus sites on the Internet

What are threats? What threats you can think of for your home or to your money or your computer?

If we talk about the digital threats, this would include:

  • Fake online messages and mails.
  • Online Con games.
  • Identity Thefts
  • Phishing activities.

Security threats to your computer can be classified in three groups:

  • The Hackers: The crooks who try to break the security of your computer without your knowledge or permission. They might claim that they were “just looking around” or that they were “doing you a favor by showing that your security is flawed.” They may also steal your data or use your computer to commit a crime. In any case, hackers are unethical people who should never be trusted or respected.
  • Malware (malicious software): This destructive software is of various types: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, scripts, root kits, adware and spyware. Malware can take control of your computer without your knowledge or permission, delete your data, send your data to an unauthorized recipient or cause your computer to attack other computers.
  • User error: Computer users need to understand computer security. Users must keep their computers up to date, use passwords whenever available, and ensure that the passwords are not easily presumed. Hasty users can fall prey to such false people like phishers and social engineers, resulting in identity theft and financial loss.

Given the numerous ways; in which a computer virus can spread, it becomes extremely essential to shield your computers. VSupport ensures that your computer and network is protected in following manner :

  • Install Antivirus Software
  • Ensure that the Antivirus Software is up to date.
  • Employ a firewall to protect the network.
  • Filter the email traffic.
  • Educate users to be careful of the suspicious emails.
  • Scan Internet downloads.
  • Restricting the computers to run the programs of unknown origin.
  • Make regular backup of the critical data.

Computer viruses pose a very real and constant threat to every computer user. It is very important that you recognize threats and take the appropriate steps, such as the above, to reduce likelihood and minimize the impact of being infected with a computer virus. For assistance, visit our website


VSupport Helps You Browse Happy!

Are you suffering from delusions about safe web browsing? You might think you’re being safe, but with a newly infected web page found after every few seconds; it’s next to impossible to stay up to date on infected site, no matter how aware you are about the risk. If any of these misconceptions imitates with you, it’s time to look at your web security solution.

  1. A strict browsing policy that only lets users visit trusted sites keeps us safe: You should be aware that anonymity to proxy sites makes it easy for users to bypass web filtering policies, so you need to make sure you have advanced web malware detection to scan all website content as its accessed.
  2. Scanning downloaded files for viruses keeps you secure : The malicious code gets loaded automatically by the browser whenever someone visits a suspicious page on the site—and the visitor has no idea what’s going on, so use a firewall before downloading any file. If the files you’ve downloaded are trying to send private information to the outsiders, it will not be able to do so because the firewall will block its outgoing traffic.
  3. Using a secure browser like Chrome endeavor better protection: Chrome is widely considered among the most secure browsers available today. It’s not at all surprising that as a browser like Chrome becomes more popular with users, it also becomes more of a target to the infections and threats. Finally, make sure you have good web malware detection at work that can stop threats in real time, no matter what browser you’re using.
  4. Macs are more secure than other PCs: Mac is a complete different operating system and possess many built in security features. Mac viruses are rare compared to PCs, but Mac viruses do exist.
  5. The only way to protect off site users is with a VPN or cloud service: Previously we had to redirect users’ web surfing through a cloud service or back through your secure web gateway with a VPN connection to keep them secure which was a very complex process. Now web content scanning is directly done into the network layer on your laptops which is far effective, efficient, scalable, and affordable way to stay protected on the web wherever you go.

Trusted Browsing Platform protects user access to secure applications by ensuring:

  1. Browser Integrity – Running a portable browser application to ensure a clean and non-infected browser image is used. Storing the browser on a read-only memory partition protects the browser from tampering and infection from malware.
  1. Browser Process Protection – When linked with a hardened third-party browser, employing memory and process protection measures prevents malware that is already residing on the PC from infecting the browser, and from manipulating sensitive data when the browser is running.
  1. Multi-Factor Authentication – Positively verifying the identity of the user via their authentication credentials and securing the communications channel between the browser and the web application.

Who doesn’t want speedy and uninterrupted browsing? No matter how fast your Internet connection is, there are times when things on your system go slow or fail you. To overcome such hurdles, VSupport LLC provides perennial support. Assistance round the clock and round the year.

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VSupport, a well-known initiator in online tech support arena, has also earned its spurs in dishing out best of support for branded technology. That’s why; VSupport has come up with most thoroughgoing and unswerving online tech support team for giving a quick-fix to all your PC woes. Moreover, these services can be availed 24 x 7, without time restraints.

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