Fortify your computers!

With the global citizens’ increasing dependency on the Internet to stay connected and speed up the day to day operations, the use of computers and the related peripherals is also increasing. Relatively, the assault on the Security of computers is also gathering speed through the very Internet that everyone depends upon! The computers are at a high security risk and in turn the security of the user and his info too is at stake!

It is mostly through the internet that the cyber crooks can cause mass infection of computers by creating destructive programs that carry computer viruses in various forms and intensities. These viruses destroy data; harm the system of a PC, steal user’s information and cause intense harm. Many a times infections are also caused through other sources like: fake software, fake antiviruses, DVDs, USBs etc.

Antivirus software is usually in mind when Internet security software is the topic of discussion. A computer virus can literally destroy all your valuable data, and make your PC unusable. Once you have purchased a good antivirus program, you should immediately scan your computer. This should be done every week, and if you use a free version of program do it every day. Almost all antivirus programs will update automatically. You must ensure this function is activated.

Time to time invigilation for safeguarding your PCs should top your priority list so that you can have a trouble free PC experience. Here are a couple of important pointers that might be of assistance to all PC users.

Make it a point to use Security software on a regular basis 

  • An Antivirus Program is a must-have for any and every computer/ Laptop/ Tablet etc.
    • If you are downloading a free version of an antivirus program then do use it daily to scan your system as well as any USB that you use on the system. These downloaded versions do get updated regularly.
    • If you have purchased an antivirus program then use it on a weekly basis to scan the complete system or as and when needed. Antivirus software can help you detect and delete any malicious intrusions on your PCs.
  • Grant yourself the added facility of a firewall.
    • Buy a good brand of Antivirus but ensure that it does have the facility of providing a Firewall for your PC to guard the system.
    • The Firewall sets up a shield between the Computer and the Internet, which acts as a sieve to filter the inbound traffic and allows access only to harmless data.
  • Apart from use of security software, ensure that the Operating System on your PC is updated from time to time. Many a times the updates help enhance the Internet browser along with mending the flaws of the Operating System.

Happy Computing!


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