What is Computer Security All About?

Computer security is the means to guard unauthorized use and abuse of a computer, a set of computers, computer systems, or part of a computer. Access regulation to the memory contained in them can be one form of computer security, but it is also important to note that the concepts are far more complex than a simple login authentication and firewall protection. Apart from entering a code at startup, security for a computer includes establishing protection codes between specific hardware devices to maintain fidelity in the entire system as well.

PC security from external threats

Guarding against intrusion on a computer is easiest when it is switched off under lock and key. However, when connected to the outer world via cable or Wi-Fi, a computer’s memory system can be open to receiving malicious codes. That is why firewalls are important. While each computer is also connected to possible malicious content from organizational sources, internal firewalls are also applied as opposed to network firewalls. Antivirus products, free PC security software and the like are also a necessary tool to keep computer software from malfunctioning or giving up its information undesirably.

Does computer security entail protection against peripherals?

Computer security codes and protocols are often in the physical world. Guards and electronically locked doors are a few examples of guarding computer related property from theft and physical damage in an organization. Measures taken also include anti-moisture mechanisms and various types of alarms. As a result, computer security does include protection of peripherals. However, as a person maintaining security protocols in an organization, you should also consider the fact that warranties and damage control agreements may not be the same on every item.

Server protection and data security

Computer protection also includes the guarding of server systems as malfunction in a server can cause heavy damage in the computing operations. Server protection extends to physical means as well, which requires temperature controlled rooms, flood alarms and theft-protection systems. Protection of the server room is one of the most important protocols of computer security.

Protecting all computing products

Computing products range between mobile phones, iPads, supercomputers and PCs in an organization. As a result, preventing damage to any of these is a task that requires multi-dimensional protection. All-in one computer security products may be available in the market, but need to be heavily customized to match the needs of a large corporation requiring escalating protective measures.

Reliable computer security systems are some of the most carefully tailored bundle of applications, routers and backup devices. The system also includes communicative and preventive devices, which can get people to act when there is something as simple as a short circuit or connection snap.

VSupport Services

The extensive VSupport service spectrum includes Software Computer Support, virus and spyware removal, operating system & software support, email & browser support as well as assistance in installation of all the peripheral accessories for your PC. Our endeavor is to keep you at ease and your PC working uninterruptedly.


Your digital treasures will be in better shape with VSupport Dock, So Veg Out!

VSupport has launched its “dock” for its customers’ comfort. This document will be placed in all the systems once the customer subscribes with VSupport. Later, if you have any problem with the computer, either you can solve those problems on your own through this application with much ease like restore system, clean virus or optimize it or you can call the tech support number listed in “VSupport Dock”. 

  • Live Assistance: VSupport Live-Assistant is here to secure your computer remotely. We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of support with our friendly and patient tech support team waiting to address your needs through a secured remote session. Our veteran team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help make your computer better. VSupport team is highly qualified and experienced and their valuable international exposure to the workings helps them clearly understand the global perspectives of our customers. 
  • Live Chat: Why Live Chat? Because we know that your success is about more than our software. Live Chat will get you connected to one of the VSupport operator or a technician who would assist you for your problem.
    VSupport Live Chat feature provides an added advantage that our website visitors will get the chance to interact with the techies in the way they prefer. The visitors and agents will have the same interface to the web page in real time hence a visitor can ask contextual question, at the same time the agent can respond to it. Both the visitor and agent have the access to multitask while chatting, in order to get efficient performance which is today’s most vital workplace demands. 
  • Call Me Back: This icon facilitates you with the message box wherein you can type your customer id and type down the problem. This message will directly reach us and within no time you will get the tech support for your computer problem. 
  • Work Trackers: Special privileges given to VSupport Clients where VSupport Customer can create his/her own unique username and password to login into the CRM (customer database).Customer can look into the case and see the work done on the system.Internal chat system makes it easier for the customers in order to connect to the VSupport tech services. Customer gets direct internal mailing facility to get in touch with the tech support and customer service of VSupport.
  • My Subscription: Document your VSupport subscription on your desktop and save it for future reference. This contains the Tech Support number for further reference and customer service number for queries and feedback.
  • System Care: System care facilitates you with the complete computer cleaning tools which includes:1)       Scan Virus: Remove virus from your system with just a click.

    2)       Remove Junk Files: This helps you clear the junk files present in the system making your system clean and spacious.

    3)       Clear Errors and Warnings:  Clear the error and warning logs from the system with this tool.

    4)       Optimization: Increase the system performance without the external help by optimizing your computer.

    5)       Disk Cleanup: The utility first searches and analyzes the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and then removes the unnecessary files. There are a number of different file categories that Disk Cleanup targets when performing the initial disk analysis compression of old files, temporary Internet files, temporary Windows file, downloaded program files, Recycle Bin, removal of unused applications or optional Windows components, setup log files and Off-line files.

    6)       System Restore: Bring back your computer to the previous state or even to the factory settings.

    7)       Defragment: It attempts to create larger regions of free space using compaction to block the return of fragmentation. Some defragmentation utilities try to keep smaller files within a single directory together, as they are often accessed in sequence.

    8)       Fix Internet problem

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