Win32 Application Error

Tips and Tricks

Win32 Application Error

Not a valid Win32 application.

Often this error message will be similar to the following error message.

C:\Program Files\myprogram\program.exe is not a valid Win32 application.


This problem may be caused by any of the following possibilities.

1. The file is damaged, bad or missing.

2. The file is not designed for your version of Windows.

3. The file is a virus, worm or other malware file.

4. Hardware incompatibility.


File is corrupt, erroneous or missing

If the file or program you are trying to run is damaged or missing, Windows may not execute the file correctly and sometimes generate this error message.

Download files

If you downloaded this file and verified is complete and compatible with your version of Windows, delete the file and try to download and run again. It is possible during the download the file is corrupted.

Finally, if the second download does not work, try to download the file from a different Web page. It is possible that the personor company keep the loaded website mistakenly a damaged version of the file you are trying to download.

Bad file

Any file can be modified or changed the name to a file.exe. If you are downloading the file, make sure you presumed to the file is an .exe file and that is not changing. If you are trying to create an .exe, file make sure you are compiling the file for Windows and never just change the name of a file to a file.exe. For example, change the name of an .exe file .bat file won’t file an executable file. So a file as an executable file must be compiled or converted through a software program designed to convert the file.

File is a virus, worm or other malware file

This error can be generated for a file that is a virus, worm, Trojan or malware file. This will often cause because the antivirus installed on the computer will not allow the file to install or run. Try to scan the file to verify that it is not a virus or infected.

If the file has been tested and is clean, it is possible that the virus protection program or another program installed on your computer is causing problems during installation or execution of the program. Boot the computer in safe and try to run the program; boot the computer in safe mode will make that nothing running in the background that could be causing this problem.


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