Be a Expert in Determining which Operating System to be installed on your computer with the help of VSupport LLC

VSupport LLC provides complete online technical support for computer software’s and antivirus products. VSupport wants its customer not only to get hassle free services but it wants them to learn with it. So that VSupport customers are able to stand ahead with time and technology. Therefore, keeping this in mind we got an article for you to enhance your knowlegde on how to determine which Operating System to be installed on your computer.

VSupportLLc Experts have simplified it for you to give you better understanding and to help you in making a better decision on deciding or determining which Operating System to be installed.

Determining which Operating System to installed from Vsupport Experts:

Check the System Requirements:
If you are installing a new operating system on your computer, first check the information of your system requirements as each Operating Systems have varrying system requirements.

Most Windows OS require aleast 1GB RAM, and atleast 15-20GB of Hard Disk space. Moreover, they need a good powerful CPU to run. So make sure if you have an old computer and wants to install OS then go for older version, like Windows XP.
Linux Operating system requires much less space and power in comparison to Windows Operating System but even their requirements vary with the version you choose (Ubuntu, fedora, mint etc.)

If you want to buy Windows OS then you have to purchase it with which you will get a key good enough for one installation.
Mostly, Linux are available free and can be installed as much as we want, only some Enterprise version such as RED HAT, SUSE etc. are closed and need to be purchased.
Research Your Software Compatibility:
If you want to use Microsoft office, then understand that it will not work on Linux. There are alternatives available but they have limited functionalities. Even most of the game softwares will not work properly and smoothly on Linux.
Get your new Operating System:
If you have purchased a copy of microsoft from some nearby store, then probably you must be having an installation disc with your key. If not then, with the valid code you can download a copy of disc online.
In order if you want to go for Linux then you must download ISO file from developers computer.
Get the Backup of your Data:
If you are installing a new operating system, removing the old one, then you must take the backup of your data in any external hard disk or burn it into a DVD. Even if you are installing a new OS alongwith the old one, it is advisable that you take the important data as a backup considering the worst case. Once new OS installed you need to reinstall the backup from your external hard disk or DVD.


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