Enhance your knowledge about malwares hidden in “Free Stuff” Facebook posts with VSupport LLC

WE spent these days a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social media sites. Its a trend to check in, put and share pictures and posts which were the moments of our happiness with our friends and relatives on these sites. And similarly we get the same pleasure in watching others activities on facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

Now, when facebook is becoming an advertising hub and moving towards the business sector promotion, our internet security is getting more on risk. Every now and then you must be seeing pop-ups exciting you to buy “Free Stuff”. Which on facebook, is a red flag.

These “Free Pop Up Windows” are nothing but the Facebook Scams which infects our computer and takes our financial informations.

These Facebook scammers post these “Free Stuff” on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc social sites and puts you in a security threat. So first and formost thing is to take care that you don’t click any such scams, not even click on “Cancel”, just click on the sign ‘X’ on the topmost right hand side of the window.

Second, this scam is notable for posting tiny URLs or short links.

We the team of VSupport want you to be safe and secure, so that you can use your internet freely without getting worried about the security by awaring you with the process through which these Facebook Scams works.

For example, you might can get a Pop-Up window showing an offcer coupon for WhatsApp smartphone messenger, (which oviously we can get without a coupon)
Now unknowingly or mistakenly, if you clicked on this link, you have infected your device with hackers. As a file named Spy Banker Downloader Trojan is been saved on your device which can any time steal your bank credentials. And it can definitely get worse for you.

These Trojans are used to infect your computer and other devices with malware and rootkits. And these scammers will have equal or more access on your computer than you do.

Moreover, they trick their targets and get their Two-way verification information. Two- way verification enables you in putting double security where you put in your password as well the code sent on your number by the Facebook, twitter or any other site for verification. Although its still not clear how these Facebook Scammer are using these Two-way verification information.

NOTE: Remember if you want your digital devices, financial informations or IDs to be protected, you should visit our site Vsupport LLC. Have a word with our Senior technicians and know how to keep your device and internet protected. Our company VSupportllc is a leading company in online technical support, providing services for computer softwares and anti-viruses.

Get Assistance from our Vsupport tech experts and keep your devices save from these scammers.


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