Do you want to know more about Hard Drive Fragmentation and its importance with Vsupport LLC

VSupport comes with its next section of the article which educates you more about your computer and guides to work like an expert of your computer. In this section, we are talking about a very important topic which boosts up the performance of your computer and that is HARD DRIVE FRAGMENTATION.


The way we keep our closet organized by segregating our clothes into different groups and keep it together separately i.e Socks and kerchiefs in one drawer and scarfs in another, making our task of finding a particular cloth easier from the closet.

Similarly, in our computer, we can defragment or organize our hard disk by grouping similar kind of items on the hard drive.


WELL! Imagine! What will happen, if you will dump everything into your closet and you want to wear your sequin black dress for a party? IS it going to be a tedious job! Will it not increase your work and time!

Similarly, the unorganized dumped files make it difficult for your computer to find the particular information you have requested to run a program or perform a task.  And over the time files can become fragmented or separated- thrown into dresser drawers. When this happens, it takes your computer longer to scan or search that information which is needed to perform a particular task, therefore hampering the speed and performance of your computer.

Hence, there is an adhere need for defragmentation of your hard disk, so that it regroups the similar things together, hence,  saving the time and improving the performance of your computer, subsequently, speeding up response time.

How can you defragment your Hard Disk?

To defragment your Hard Disk, follow these simplified steps from VSupportLLC Scam Fighters recommendation:

Go to Start Menu….


  • Click on “My Computer” or “Computer


  • Move the cursor to the C: drive, highlight it but don’t double click it


  • Right-click the C: drive


  • Click on “Properties


  • Click on the “Tools” tab


  • Under Defragmentation, click “Defragment now

If you haven’t defragmented your Hard Drive for a long time, then it may take few hours to your computer to complete the task. During these hours, you won’t be able to use your computer.

Are you still facing problem in doing it?

Take a deep breath and visit our site Vsupport LLC Support, talk to VSupport certified Experienced TECHSMARTIES on TOLL-FREE number, 24/7 available for your help and support.

“Don’t be just a user become a Tech-Smarty with VSupport LLC.”


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