How to Upload File and folder in google Drive with Help of VSupport LLC..? also Know More About google Drive..!

Google drive

is a free service which gives you a platform to store your files and folders online on a virtual database. The best option of having it is that if you are traveling and needs your important files, folders, and information on your computer, then there is no need to carry your laptop or any storage device as it’s been saved on the cloud and you can use it anytime when you need it from there.

Advantages of Google Drive:

1. Google Drive is the most common and popular cloud storage service available.
2. Google Drive offers 15Gigabytes (gb) free storage to its each user.
3. Since the files are stored online, it can be retrieved by any computer with an internet connection.
4. Google drive eradicates the need of saving or emailing any file by saving it on the USB drive.
5. Moreover, Google drive allows you to share your files, working with others become quite easier.

Upload and View files

Files can be uploaded to your computer from . These files can be uploaded in private or shared folders.

Drag Files from Google Drive

1. Go to
2. Open or create a folder
3. To upload files and folders, drag them to Google Drive folder.

Use the Google Drive application for your Mac/ PC

1. On your computer install the application.
2. On your computer, you will see a Google Drive folder
3. You can now drag files and folders into that folder which will be visible on

Convert documents into Google formats

1. Go to
2. Next to “Convert Uploads”, check the box.
Note: Change in the settings of Google Drive can be done only on your computer.

Upload files with the same name

To keep both files:
1. Go to
2. Upload a file
3. Click Keep as separate file

To learn more about Google Drive, its functions and how to use it, visit our site VSupport LLC , call on our Toll-Free number and talk to Vsupport Tech Smarties who will help you to understand Google Drive much better.


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