Enhance your knowledge about Firewall Security with VSupport LLC

What is Firewall Security?

The word Firewall originally refers to a wall, which was constructed to halt the spread of Fire. Similarly, Firewall Security in the world of computer, refers to network device which blocks and form a barrier between a trusted and untrusted network. The firewall security in our computer blocks the spread of computer attacks.

Packet Filtering Firewall

This is a type of firewall security which has rules to block traffic based on IP Protocols, addresses and/or port numbers. Under these firewall management program, all web traffic will be allowed, including web-based attacks. If you have Packet Firewall Security, then, you need to have an intrusion prevention in order to differentiate between good and bad traffic networks alongwith this firewall as a complete security.

The limitation with this type of firewall security is that it will not be able to differentiate the legitimate return packet and the packets which wants to establish the connection, which means both type of networks will be allowed in your network.


Stateful Firewall

The working of this firewall is same as the packet Firewall but it is more intelligent in terms of detecting the active connections, so that you can define the firewall management rule saying “only allow packets into the network that are part of an already established outbound connections.” The established connection issues is being solved but still it can’t differentiate the good and bad web traffics. And still there is need for an intrusion to detect and block.


Deep packet inspection firewall

This type of firewall looks at application layer attacks i.e. examining the data in the packet. It is somewhat same in functionality like intrusion prevention technology.

There are three restraints, however, first, for some vendors, the definition of “DEEP” changes to some particular examination, hence, does not examine the entire packet. This can possibly miss some bad connections. Second, depends upon the hardware, possibly the firewall doesn’t have the adequate processing power to handle the deep packet inspection for your network. Hence, before purchasing do ask about the bandwidth it will be needing for complete inspection. And finally, the firewall management embedded technology may not be able to flexible in handling all the issues and attacks.


Application aware Firewall

Its working is same as of Deep Packet Firewall, except that Firewall only understands certain protocols and rules, and eradicates them. The approach of Application Aware Firewall is quite flexible and great which permits the signatures and rules to be both specific and comprehensive. There are no specific drawbacks to this type of firewall but some actual attacks might be overlooked because of the real-world traffic.

Application Proxy Firewall

Its an intermediate application proxy for certain application traffics like HTTP, Web etc. It intercepts all the requests and validate them before passing them along. The implementation of entire application proxy is difficult and each proxy can only handle one protocol (eg. web or incoming emails).

This can be effective only when like computer firewall protection, it has to be able to understand, enforce and block the protocol violations.


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