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What is a Web Browser?

Web Browser

is a computer program which is used for accessing a sites or information on a network (i.e. World Wide Web). Browsers are mostly used for viewing Web pages on the internet and different Web Browsers come in different style with different distinctions.

How a web browser retrieves the Web Page?

The code is being fetched or retrieved by the browser application, usually written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and/or another language, from a webserver, interprets this code, and extracts it as a web page for you to view. Web Browsers need user interaction to tell the browser about which website or page he/she is looking for. Mostly this communication between user and Browser is done by Address or Search bar.

The browser gets the information from the web address and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) typed by the user which they are looking forward to search and obtain page/pages accordingly.

For eg:  if you type following URL into the address bar i.e. The browser here will look at this particular URL in two main sections. In the first section it will see the protocol in the address bar, which is “http://”. HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol, is a standard protocol used to request or transmit files on the internet, mostly Web pages and their respective components. So now since, the browser knows the http protocol, it will search the right side content after forward slash. Now moving forward after http:// is “” will tell the browser about the location of the web server from which the pages are needed to be retrieved from.

Now, when it will reach this Web server, it will fetch the “Home” page automatically as specified in the address bar.

Once this page is being retrieved, it will be rendered in the browser’s main window for you to view easily.

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