8 most common types of Telephone Scams

Be vigilant, Be safe!

Phone Scams! Well! It might sound outdated but it still runs widespread. More than millions of innocent people have fallen or still falling prey to these scammers. The main and major target of these scammers are elderly people (above 50 yrs.). They have an amazing skill of manipulating and converting people by their well put words and modulations. These scammers know how to play with their victims’ emotions and they win them using this as their major weapon.

About Phone Scams

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team through their continuous research and complaints got from its users about these scammers is continuously educating and helping its user o how to deal with them. VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team feels, these scammers are targeting their victims every year via Robo-dialers and many innocent ignorant people fall victim to their trick where they either make fascinating free offers or threatens through arrest warrants.VSupport LLC Scam fighters team found that IRS is one such phone scams which credits the high number of victims in its list. IRS is the most common and well-played scams to threaten these scammers.

VSupport LLC Scam fighters team guarantees you that after reading this article, you will be more cautious and cognizant about whether to entertain a call or not.

8 most common types of Telephone Scams

  1. Free Vacations and Prizes:

Calls with a voicemail from an unknown number stating, “Congratulations! You have won a free trip to the Disney! To claim award give………” or “Congratulations! You have won a Free Iphone! To claim award give…..”etc. on your phone, then, the chances are zero as it sounds too exciting to be true and acceptable. The personal information and money given by you to claim these fake prizes have gone into the hands of scammers. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team agents have found out that such calls and even its Pop-up ads on internet is quite common these days victimizing the innocent people and their computers or other digital devices.

Before paying to any such calls, VSupport LLC Scam fighters team advises you to understand this that if you have won something for free then these fake ads or call cannot charge you for anything further on this. Even if they do so then kindly ignore it and put the call down.

  1. Phishing Scams

Phishing Scam calls are quite common these days where the scammers call you or generate calls on your phone number, try to convince you that there’s an issue with your computer. These scammers or fake people who have called you and to whom you haven’t approached by yourself will try to convince you that your computer and privacy is at risk in order to get your information and hamper your security or will install malicious software on your computer which will automatically steal the information out of your computer. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team advises you that generally these scammers, refer themselves as Microsoft, Norton, Mcafee etc. on call to their victims and try to convince them. You have to understand this point that these scammers who are calling you under the name of Microsoft, Norton, Mcafee etc. are not actually calling from these companies because Microsoft, Norton, Mcafee will never give you call, if you will face any problem you will call them or any other tech support company which can help you out in the technical problems you must be facing. Hence, if you get any such call hung up. SSearch for a good tech support company and call on their toll free number given on the official website.

  1. Loan Scams:

The calls saying auto-loan, student-loan or payday loan phone calls are typically scam calls suggests VSupport LLC Scam fighters team. These calls offer you money and in return asks you for your personal information including your financial and security related as well.

Be careful and suspicious on any such calls asking you for your personal information rather hung up on them. If you are sure that you have got a call from loan scammer then you can even file a report against them in FTC. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team can even help you with filing a complaint against these Loan scammers.

  1. Phony Debt Collectors:

They are almost as same as loan scammers but a bit more dangerous and frustrating ones. They call you asking you for the debts and money you have taken from your credit card companies and left paying them back and if you fallen into their trap you will consider yourself as the defaulter and will give the sensitive personal information to them.VSupport LLC Scam fighters team strongly suggests you not to share any personal information to anyone. Its better to visit the company office should in case there is anything to be clarified. If any such call you will get from a debt collector ask for their name, number, and company’s information and end the call. After that check this information with your creditor to confirm if the debt collector is real.VSupport LLC Scam fighters team always advises its customers to be vigilant.

The FTC has an excellent guidelines providing you ways on what to do if you are being harassed by these fraudulent debt collectors.

  1. Fake Charities:

It’s sad to hear and state that these fake people and scammers have got so greedy and money minded that they even use a social purpose like charities for their fake money making business. One of the most common scams of charity running in USA is either about people pretending to collect for local police and fire departments.It’s strange but while we carried out our research,VSupport LLC Scam fighters team found that the complaints they have got from people who are victim of such calls are for charity regarding cancer, earthquake, Syria victims etc. the estimated amount if we calculate is more than $200 millionwhich they have taken only from American citizens.


VSupport LLC Scam fighters team will suggest you that before entertaining any such calls or giving any kind of donation, first, take the information from the person on the line. If the person is asking for Fire or local police charity take the information about the person, name of the company and company’s number. Check the information and legitimacy of the company on Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance before paying or donating any amount. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team shall always advise you to be vigilant before making any such charity for a social cause so that the money you are sharing goes in proper hands.

  1. Medical Alerts/Scams Targeting Seniors:

Over the time, VSupport LLC Scam fighters team have realized that these scammers purposely target and call senior citizens as they are easy to convince and more vulnerable. Out of all the scam calls and ads, senior citizens & elderly people are soft targets for such crooks. They tend to get convinced easily especially if it involves Free medical alert system offers. Like any other scams messages and call even medical scams asks for personal information. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team suggests you to never share any personal information unless you are sure that the caller is genuine.

Hang up on all such calls stating or giving you Free offers. As rather than claiming for any such offers it’s always better you don’t get it if it involves risking your personal information. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team suggests that and any such offers will never come over the call or through messages to you.

  1. Warrant threats:

VSupport LLC Scam fighters team understands that how frustrating it will be for people who are victims of calls making them panic and threatening them that you will be arrested. These calls are just to increase your anxiety or to make more panic. Getting a call from these people stating that they are calling from Sherrif’s department, or DEA, or the FBI, don’t trust them.VSupport LLC Scam fighters team feels using such comments the scammers will increase your anxiety and will make you panic with such statements and will then charge you out for fine which is actually not there. These scammers playing with your emotions and law abiding attitude will charge you from a heavy amount. It’s better that rather getting panic to any such situation, relax and hang up on these call and consult the concerned organization for this and report regarding these fake calls.

  1. IRS calls:

VSupport LLC Scam fighters team says that out of all the scams calls and messages, IRS calls are the most common and have a high victim ratio in its list. Why these scammers are so effective?Well! These scammers are incredibly well in convincing and strange thing is that they even have your phone number and the last 4 digits of your security. In order to judge if it’s the call actually from IRS or not, you need to know that IRS will never ask for payment right away on the call. If you think that the call you have got is from IRS scammer then call the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 1-800-366-4484.VSupport LLC Scam fighters team suggests all its readers to be vigilant and safe all the time. Never share your personal details over the phone with anyone.

What to do if you have been or just been saved from becoming a victim of these Fake/Scam calls?

In case if you have got any such calls or you have clicked on any such messages, call VSupport LLC Scam fighters team on toll free number and get connected to our technicians who will help you out in guiding you on how to deal with these scam calls and how to file a complaint against it. VSupport LLC Scam fighters team will definitely make sure that they can help you out in all possible manner so that ever in future you never becaome a as a victim to any such scam/fake calls and messages.

VSupport LLC Scam fighters team through this initiative wants to help and educate its customers against these scammers and their scam phone calls, so that they can stay safe and secured. With the growing insecurities has increased the threat of losing not only the money but even the important personal information to these. So, it is really important that you be little vigilant during such calls and take smart decisions. And at any time you feel that you have got any such fake calls then without wasting a min. just call on our Toll free number and talk to our VSupportLLC Scam Fighters.


8 most common type of scams on Internet

Search safe, be secured!

With the increased use of internet, its vulnerability to infections has increased as well. Now internet is not mere a way to connect with far staying friends and relatives but instead it’s a complete new digital world which is making almost every and anything virtually possible from shopping, to appointment, to booking a flight, to paying bills or running a full fletched business online. What is that one thing apart from making you physically present somewhere which internet cannot do? Nothing! Yes nothing….. and looking at this wide range of use and popularity of this in the world of digital market, bad people have started their way to harm the innocent people through viruses, malwares, spywares, scam messages and fake calls. Now when internet has become a necessity of our life, surely, with the sensitive informations, it is now the most insecure place. Hence, to use it or allowing for anything it is very important that we look around and check several time and gets assured first.

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters is working hard and handling cases every day in order to make sure that its users remain safe and secure. After handling thousands of complaints and users who have been the victim of these frauds and fake scams, VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team is working day and night, so that they can educate and help its users to deal with these scammers. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team’s main agenda is to keep you stay aware about these on-going scams and fake methods of charging amount from you. So in this article, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters have got you the information about major scams that are very prominent and charging huge amount from the innocent people who help fallen prey to their dirty tricks. READ the following article and educate your near and dear ones from these scammers.

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team wants to make you aware about few of the Cyber-attacks and Scams which are very common and prone to make the innocent people victim of their dirty tricks.

1. Phishing email scams


Phishing scams generally happen through Emails or on social networks. These Cyber criminals will trick you into giving your login details or credentials either through an online message or email. The credentials these scammers will be asking for will be of either your bank account, social network, work account, cloud storage or any other personal data that will be valuable for them.

These phishing scammers will send messages or emails which seem to be from an official source, either from bank authorities or any other financial institutes or any other delivery or social networking websites. These cyber attackers than persuade you to click on the links which will contain their message and website, looking real, but actually controlled by them and will be directed to a fake login page. And if you haven’t paid much attention to it you will be left giving the credentials of information, important, for you.

Even before you would have realized your credentials and bank account will be accessed by these cyber attackers. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team has found that these Phishing email Scams are one of the main scamming techniques, to spread financial and data stealing malware over internet world.

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team suggests that before clicking on any link or opening any message in your email box, make sure, and check for the website or email the sender is sending you from and then check it with the particular website on your own to get confirmed. VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team have always suggested and requested that its always better that you get little suspicious and get assured first, rather, left sobbing.

2. The money laundering scam


The money laundering scam, or, the Nigerian scam is the most oldest and basic scam techniques have been going on in the internet world. Out of the many ways, most common ways of these Scammers are to play with innocent peoples’ emotions. The message of this scam starts with few emotional lines, under the name of either an official government member or a businessman or a member of a very wealthy family where you will asked to pay small fees for papers and legal matters and will be promised to retrieve a large sum of money from the bank on behalf of this. But it’s a trap and after that they will be asking for more and more and later you will be realized that it was all fake and you are never going to get that amount in your entire life. But Alas! Its too late to realize and a lot of your money is being spent on the wrong deal promised by these scammers.

VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team after analysis thousands of such cases advices you to ignore and put these messages in spam folder, as practically, its next to impossible that a person so renowned and reputed will ever ask you any money to be lend.

VSupportLLC Scam Fighters wants its users to get more witty and smart while dealing with any such situations, as, your emotions have no value for these scammers and all they know is that you are their easy target. Don’t fall prey to any such emotional messages!

3. Greeting card scams


Another most common type of Scam or Cyber-Attack is, Greeting Card Scams, wherein you get a greeting card on your mail and it seems or you think that it’s from a friend. The moment you will click to open this Greeting card, you will end up with malicious software which is being downloaded and installed on your computer. Rest is all what these malicious infections and malware will perform on your computer. The pop-up ads and unwanted windows all over the screen are the few annoying things these malwares will perform to stop you from doing anything. This hampering of task is not all, infact, the major terror is losing your personal and important data to the fraudulent server controlled by these IT Criminals.

VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team says that your complete data is vulnerable to these scammers and they can use all your information in a wrong way causing a lot of damage into your personal, financial and professional life. To keep yourself safe from the identity theft and data breach, we recommend you to contact our VSupportLLC Tech for the complete assistance and securities on your computer or any other digital devices.

4. A guaranteed bank loan or credit card scam


It’s too good to sound true! Yes, the truth is that in difficult times all the lucrative offers sounds good and a help.

But if get any such approved incredible offers from the bank, just use your common sense if it’s for real or not to judge the reliability of it.

Just give this question a little thought and answer, that, “Do you think that a bank will ever offer you such a large amount of without even knowing your financial situation? Yes! The answer is clearly NO.

Though, these scams sound impossible to be tricked into but still there are like a large number of people, reported by our VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team, have lost a lot of money by paying the mandatory processing fees required by the scammers.

5. Lottery scam


Lottery Scam is the oldest and most easily tricked method being used by these scammers to get innocent people fall prey to their dirty money making needs. An email comes in your mail box, basically a lottery scam, informing you that you have won a huge amount of money in a lottery and all you need is to get your fortune in your pocket is to pay a small fees amount. And surely, both the money are never going to come. Infact, you have fallen prey losing your own hard earned amount so easily to these Scammers.

VSupportLLC Scam Fighters knows how lucrative these scams sound and how many dreams you build up before even winning any and that is the only thing on which these scammers are playing on, making you falling for their trap. Please ignore any such messages or calls in future, and get yourself secured.

6. Hitman scam


Well! Yes it looks really stupid to fall into this trap of the scammers, but, if they are regular then it’s impossible to ignore it as it creates anxiety and panic attacks in victim. So, on the verge of life it always sound better to pay, that’s it, they got their victim.

Not only this, these scammers even sent threatening messages saying they will kidnap a family member and ask a ransom amount for that. And to make it more real and increase panic, they do take most of your information about your family through the post you do. And then play a game of threatening you.

Therefore, VSupport LLC Scam fighters Team suggests you not to share any of your sensitive personal information about you or your family on this social networking sites. Understand that these Social networking sites are only to be connected with your family and friends or for the business if you have any but sharing any and every information on these social networking sites can be dangerous for you. VSupportLLC Scam fighters through reports have come to a conclusion which clearly states that irrespective of how safe these social networking sites seems to but you never know who and how someone is watching you here.

7. Romance scams


Well! The scammers are all into this new method of fooling there victim.

How they do it?

Through any dating app or from any other social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. these male and female scammers come in your contact. They will be really smart and impressive with their outlook and presentation that in no time you will fall for their false behavior. The subjective site here is more active which blocks your practical site and you put a lot of trust on these scammers. Now, these can take months to make you fool and take out a large amount of money from you. And when you decide to meet, you face these two situations

an “unpredictable” event occurs and the scammer needs money as soon as possible for his/her passport or other details.

if the victim comes from a rich family, he/she may be kidnapped and a large sum of money could be requested from the family.

And for sure you fall victim to this and end up paying these scammers. After that you won’t be able to contact them ever in future. These scammers don’t break you financially but emotionally as well. BE Careful!

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters Team researched and surveyed the complaints they got from the victims and they found that most of the male scammers are often located in West Africa, while the Female scammers are mostly from the eastern part of Europe. VSupportLLC Scam fighters wants to explain to you that before trusting and spending any penny on any such scammers, do a little research about these scammers and then show trust on them.

8. Fake antivirus software


Every now and then when we are online, we do get this pop-up message stating that, “You have been infected! Download antivirus X right now to protect your computer!”

Many of these pop-ups are created so well that they seem to be from a good security product company. Once you clicked it irrespective whether you clicked on YES or Right clicked on Red Cross. The fake software will be downloaded with a malware on your computer, such as Trojan or Keylocker. Hence, will stop you from doing your work and might can steal important information from your computer.

If you face any such problem or wants to be secured in future, VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team would suggest you to contact our VSupportTECh department who will install correct security softwares on your computer depending on your computer configurations. All you have to do is to call us on our Toll-free number and your worries will be taken care of by our technicians.

What to do if you have been or just been saved from becoming a victim of these Fake/Scam messages online?

In case if you have got any such messages online or you have clicked on any such messages, call VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team on toll-free number and get connected to our technicians who will help you out in guiding you on how to deal with these scam calls and how to file a complaint against it. VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team will definitely make sure that they can help you out in all possible manner so that ever in future you never become a victim to any such scam/fake calls and messages.

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team wants its customers and users to be safe and secure in every aspect so that our customers can work smoothly and smartly without falling into the trap of these fake people. In case any further problem you face from these scammers in future call us for help.

Vsupport LLC happy to help

What to do if you have been or just been saved from becoming a victim of these Fake/Scam messages online?
In case if you have got any such messages online or you have clicked on any such messages, call VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team on toll free number and get connected to our technicians who will help you out in guiding you on how to deal with these scam calls and how to file a complaint against it. VSupport LLC Scam Fighters team will definitely make sure that they can help you out in all possible manner so that ever in future you never become a victim to any such scam/fake calls and messages.
VSupportLLC Scam Fighters team is Working day and night so that they can generate reports and finds the scammers and their methods, so that, they can educate its users or other innocent people on internet. So from onwards, ever in future you feel that you have been trapped by any such scammers, without wasting a minute, Give VSupportLLC Scam Fighters Team a call and they will help you out further with the issue.
Stay Safe and Secured with VsupportLLC Scam Fighters Team!

What is Ransomware? Why is it so harmful for computer’s data?

In this section of Blog, VSupport LLC Scam Fighters want to make you aware of the infectious threats growing in the world of internet and want to make you secure by making you aware of them. The viruses, Malware and Spywares have become common and increased their access to availability on all over the internet making the internet security weak and sharing of any personal or financial information unsafe. VSupport understands that how important it has become and how difficult it is for you to get correct information and protection and that too at this time when everything is getting more and more complicated in technology. VSupport believes in making technology and use of it easier in your life and with these educating blogs they just want to serve the purpose.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the most hazardous and threat prone malware which Ransomware when you will read more about them in the article you will understand why this malware needs your serious ATTENTION.
What is Ransomware?
This dangerous malware has sophisticated encryption codes which stop victim to have an access to his/her own files. Hence, the victim is left with no data and being helpless, with only one option of paying these fake people and getting back the data.
Why is it so dangerous?
Well! The Ransomware creators and other cyber criminals are involved in making economy through this malware. So, through clicking any wrong link or closing a pop-up, you have knowingly or unknowingly allows this malware or viruses to enter into your computer. Once entered, they perform their malicious functions and stops you from doing things.
This Ransomware when enters, as being programmed they encrypt all your files and data available on your computer, completely, restricts you from accessing it. And whenever you will open that file, a message will be popped up asking you to pay money like 500 USD for getting the key to decrypt it. You will think this as your last solution and will fall into the trap of these cyber criminals.
Types of Ransomware
1. Encrypting Ransomware:
It incorporates encryption algorithms, which are designed to block system files and demand payment from the victim’s for the decryption key to unblock the content.

2. Locker Ransomware:
It incorporates the algorithm, which locks the operating system, making it difficult for the victim to access the desktop or files on it. In this type of case, the file is not encrypted but still, the attackers ask for ransom to unlock the computer.

3. MBR(Master Boot Record) Ransomware:
In the algorithm of this Ransomware, it enables the operating system to boot up. When these type of Ransomware strikes it blocks the boot process in between with the popped up Ransomware message.
Judge yourself how dangerous is these malware and how much they can fall you into trouble! VSupport LLC Scam Fighters are here to help you out with these types of malicious infections.

If any such malicious symptoms you see on your computer, then, without wasting time, call VSupport LLC Scam Fighters anytime between 24/7 and they will be available at your services. This is a dangerous virus and ignoring it can harm your computer further leading it to crash soon. You need a support from genuine people and don’t trust on any of these pop-ups. Get secured and saved by high credential holder TECHEXPERTS from VSUPPORT!

Learn about Web Browser with VSupport LLC

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters in this article will help you to learn about Web Browser. Now when the internet has become more of a necessity than entertainment, its usage has also increased beyond the bars all around the globe. More businesses, work and even online jobs are open and available on the internet. Apart even many of the organizations and brands either establishing or established are using internet as a source of marketing and reaching the mass. With such a dependability on the internet, makes it important for us to gather atleast the basic knowledge about it, so, that we a not the last ignorant survivors on this globe. So, to help you with this VSupport LLC Scam Fighters have got you this article wherein they will be explaining you all about the Web browser and will even clear all your wrong beliefs about it.

What is a Web Browser?

A browser, or a Web Browser, is a software program which helps you to search, reach, retrieve and explore various websites. For examples: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.

As, browsers are used to search other websites, hence, they are being ignored and people have a very little knowledge about it, rather, generally they use the default browser which they generally have installed with their PC i.e. most of the time Internet Explorer for maximum PC’s and Safari for Mac users.

Its somewhere the same like, driving the car, where we just put in the keys and start it without having any basic information about its engine and power. So, when it comes to computers, there are users….

  • who cannot name more than one or two Web browsers.
  • who have no idea that they can switch to another browser for free.
  • who go to google webpage to search a topic, and think that, google is their Browser.

VSupport LLC Scam Fighters will educate you about these basic informations regarding Web browser, so, next time if anybody will ask you any question regarding your web browser you will be in a position to answer back smartly with confidence. VSupport LLC Scam Fighters are here to help you so that you never lag behind in this Tech Savvy world.

Read these points to enhance your knowledge….

  • Know your Browser: When you will look at the far upper left corner of your screen, you will see the name of your browser.



  • Get the Latest Version: Browser gets updates and updated regularly as well, as, computer and technology is changing fast regularly




  • Try a different Browser: you can switch to another browser at any time, it won’t affect your system and you will be able to differentiate the differences as well.


Read the Browser Reviews: on internet you can search for browser reviews and you will be aware about the security parameters and other features on which different browsers deal upon.