6 Tips to keep your home computer safe and secure.

The security and safety of your Home computer is always a matter of concern and worry for you. VSupportllc Tech smarties understand your worry and concern regarding your home computer and so they have got you this article wherein they will teach you on how to be assured about the security of your home computer with a regular check.

VSupportLLC Tech smarties in this article will give you few tips and methods so that you can assure your computer’s safety and security from future onwards.

1. Check your anti-virus:

It is very important to make sure that the anti-virus running on your computer is up-to-date. These programs running in the background make sure that your computer remains safe and secure from these viruses and malware. Keep a check on your product and update it if any update is available.


2. Firewall:

Just like your anti-virus even this program run in the background of your computer controls traffic between your PC and rest of the network. It is very necessary that you check your Firewall at regular intervals and in order to check your firewall follow these small steps

For Mac computer follow these steps to check if your firewall is on or not

Firewall is a very important program to run on your computer to make sure that you remain protected from these cyber criminals. Even if you have checked and your firewall is still causing the problem to work, call us on Vsupportllc’s Tech Support toll-free number and get it fixed and secured.


3. Updates:

It is extremely important that Windows update itself automatically. If not then keep a check on windows update and if the update is available then update it. These updates in a program bring in new features and updates which are improved to make it easier for us to work better with the product. Hence Vsupport LLC Tech Experts suggest you keep your product updated so that you can utilize the product in a better manner.


4. Two accounts:

VSupport LLC TechExperts suggest that you use at least two accounts, one Administrative and second standard. In administrative type account manage all your data and windows related things and use the standard account for work and play. If you are doing everything in one administrative account, then, it is suggested that you make a new Standard account. And in order to create a new account follow these few simple steps.


5. Browser

Just like Windows, it is important that the browser you are using to search or visit any site also gets updated at regular intervals. It is quite necessary that you check the settings of your browser and if there is any update available you update it. These updates generally provide better security and improve the search of your browser with better features in the settings helping you out to do a secure search. After updating make sure you go through the complete settings options and activate and deactivate according to your security preferences.


6. Passwords:

Make sure that you have a different password for all the different websites. Using the same password everywhere increases your probability of cyber-attack on your account, especially, access to that important account which contains most of your personal as well as financial information. In fact, make sure that the password you create is long, strong and complex and in order to remember or manage it, use password manager app.


If in case you face problem in doing any of the above things, then, don’t worry! Just give VSupportLLC Tech expert a call on VsupportLLC Toll-free number and they will not only solve the problem for you but will teach you as well, so that, in future, you can be a master of your own computer.


10 symptoms to identify that your computer has viruses.

The more we are becoming internet prone, the more these cyber criminals are taking the advantage of that. These cyber criminals don’t need to befriend with you to access your information anymore and doesn’t require to plan a complete robbery to get away with your money. The sharing of information on social sites and doing online shopping using our card has made it quite easy for these cyber criminals to access the confidential and personal information of ours. Hence, it is very necessary to understand that the world of internet is not so easy and happy go lucky which solves all your problem with fraction of few clicks, infact, these fraction of few clicks without awareness is the matter of sole reason of loosing out our information to these Frauds. VSupportLLC Tech Experts request you to be little attentive and visionary while clicking or accessing any such link or pop-ups, and refer our previous blogs
https://vsupportllc.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/8-most-common-types-of-telephone-scams/ and
https://vsupportllc.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/8-signs-how-people-scam/for further awareness about how these scammers and cyber criminals actually works.

In order to access the information, these cyber criminals are making encrypted programs in the form of Pop-Ups, fake links or attach infections to legitimate links or in the form of mails in your inbox, the moment you click on any of these even to close it, they will be automatically get download on your computer and then either multiply themselves to hamper your work or will act as an spy on your work and will give your important information to their programmers. YES, it is Dangerous! More Dangerous! So in this section of article, VSupportLLC Tech Experts want to help you out to identify if your computer is suffering from these malicious infections i.e viruses, malwares and spywares. Being the EXPERT in the field and continuous handling of such cases every now and then, helping and satisfying Thousands of customers all across the Globe, VSupport LLC Tech Experts are no doubt the one to look forward for correct and accurate advice to deal with these problems. Keeping that assurance showed upon to them by their customers, they are working continuously to make the technical life of their customer easy.

Hereby, in this article, VSupport Tech Experts will be talking about the 10 most common and major symtoms your computer shows while being attacked by a virus or malware or spyware.

1. Slowdown

VSupport Tech Expert says, that you need to analyze these two questions, to judge if there is a virus/malware/spyware in your computer.
Does it take longer than normal for your operating system to boot up?
Are you waiting too long for some of your programs to start?

System slow down vsupportllc Help
Then, VSupportLLC Tech Experts suggest that there is possibility that your computer is being affected by a malware. As these malicious programs and infections slow down the speed of the computer and its applications, making it difficult for you to work. But before assuring that, check first the applications and programs you are running on your computer, if you are running a Resource-Heavy program or application, then that, could be a reason of slow speed as well or check Ram memory, a lack of space on hard drive or hardware could be a reason as well for slow speed.
If in case, you have checked and found that things are perfectly fine on your side, then possibly it’s a malware attack. Don’t Worry! Relax and give a call to VSupportLLC Tech Expert on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636).

2. Pop-ups

Remove Pop up with vsupportllc tech

The most annoying and irritating thing is these Pop-up windows which hampers and stops user from working easily. Infact, these pop-ups appearing again and again is a spyware infection to access our confidential information. This is one issue which actually needs a lot of attention from your side, as it doesn’t only creates multiple pop-up windows that affect your internet navigation, but it is quite hard and complicated to remove them out of the system. Moreover, they are very threatening because these spywares actually steal information from your computer and pass it on to the cyber-criminal who can anytime access that information for their selfish-benefactor purpose.
VSupport Tech Experts want you be cautious here from these spyware by following these security points.
• Don’t click any suspicious pop-up window.
• Don’t answer any uncalled-for emails/messages.
• Be vigilant while downloading any free applications.
If in case, you have fallen or getting these pop-ups and feel suspicious about your information and computer, don’tWorry! Relax and give a call to VSupportLLC Tech Expert on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636).

3. Crashes
System crashes need help

In case if you are facing any of these two things either a blue screen with a message in white or a black screen showing nothing, everytime, you are trying to turn on, then it clearly states that your computer has been crashed. VSupport Tech Expert suggests that this is one of the extreme case which happens out of two reasons. They are:
• Possibly your computer is dealing with the compatibility issues between software and hardware.
• Or else your computer is attacked by a terrible malware/virus.
So, in both the case your computer needs to be diagnosed by Expert Technicians, in order to check and find the real problem and help you out in fixing that up. This can happen possibly at any point of hour and can stop you in middle of your task, searching and finding a technician will take time and energy of yours and possibly they might not be able to solve it completely. Don’t worry! As I said, VSupportLLC is a leading company with a team of Experts who have served to thousands across the globe, these VSupportLLCTechExperts, round the clock are available for you and will solve these issues for you online. Just give us a call on our toll free number (1-855-803-4636).

4. Suspicious Hard-Drive Activity
Suspicious Hard-Drive Activity Help Vsupportllc

One of the most common way of finding if your computer is having malwares/viruses or not is by noticing your hard drive activity.

If in case you notice that your hard drive is showing to exhibit excessive activity even no programs is running or downloaded at that moment. This means that your computer has been attacked by malware/virus and is making your hard drive to work suspiciously.
This is the crucial issue before you left losing all your data that it gets diagnosed and these infections get out of the system.

How to do it?
Don’t Worry! Relax and give a call to VSupportLLC Tech Expert on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636).The VsupportLLC tech Expert will solve it for you.

5. Running out of Hard Drive Space
Running out of hard Drive Space

One more suspicious activity associated with this hard drive issue is that keep a track and look if the physical storage space has been increasing lately or if any file has changed its name or disappeared.

This is a malicious infection, possibly a malware, which is encrypted to fill up the spaces available in hard drive and cause it to crash. As I discussed above, it’s a crucial issue and needs attention and its important to take out these infections out of the computer as soon as possible before it cause a lot of damage to your computer.
Just give a call to VSupportLLC Tech Expert on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636).The VsupportLLC tech Expert will solve it for you.

6. High network activity
High network Activity

IF you have encountered high network activity, though, nobody is connected to the internet browser and there is no such file which is uploading or getting downloaded at the backend, then, most probably it’s a malware issue causing all these fake high network usage issues and stopping you from doing anything on internet.

But before coming to any conclusion, VSupportLLC Tech Experts want to check these things first:
• Is there any Windows Update running at that moment?
• Is there any application that is downloading or uploading any data?
• Is there any update running for any other app?
• Or is there a large download that you started and forgot about and which is still running?
If in case, there is no such reason from above then possibly your system has been affected with a dangerous malicious infections establishing these fake connections. VSupport Tech Experts believes that these fake connections are a big threat for your financial information as sharing any such detail or already shared is possibly have fallen into the hands of people who could actually take a benefit out of it.
This issue requires a lot of urgent attention and VSupportTECh Experts will sucggest you to not do any kind of online shopping or transaction as your computer and financial information is at high and they need to be fixed.
Get support from the high credential holder VSupportLLC technician and get your network and computer secured before it’s too late. Just give a call to VSupportLLC Tech Expert on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636).The VsupportLLC tech Expert will solve it for you.

7. Unauthorized access of new browser, toolbar and website
Unauthorized access of new browser,tooblar and website
These three questions will nullify the doubts whether you are being attacked by a malware or not….
• Have you encountered that your homepage is changed and you haven’t done it yourself?
• Are you wondering that how a toolbar from nowhere has landed on the top of your web browser?
• Or you wanted to access some other website and have been directed to other!
This is clearly an invasion of malwares/viruses which are actually hindering you from accessing the internet and blocking you by doing mischievous things over the internet. This invasion is not only annoying but its threatening too for your personal and financial information.BE vigilant and attentive! Before it harms you throw it out of your computer with the help of VSupportLLC Tech Experts. Just give them a call on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636).

8. Unusual messages and program that starts automatically
VSupportLLC Tech Experts says, that, if you encounter any such signs than that’s a warning that your computer is at risk and needs to be repaired. These signs are:
• If, you all of a sudden observe, that a program is opening and closing automatically.
• Without any reason your windows operating system shuts down.
• If you see strange windows in the booting system.
• Or, if windows inform you that you have lost access to some of your device.
These signs shows that there is a technical problem but the root cause of it can be a malware which has actually affected the work of your drive or computer.
Get this issue solved with VSupportLLC tech Experts’ help.

9. Your Security solution is disabled
The anti-viruses are essential for your computer but its not the only security which will protect you from everything, else, there are few of the malwares like ransomware and financial malware which are quite advance in their code and have power to even disable the security provided by these antivirus to you putting your computer in the high risk zone. It works the same way the cancer viruses work in our body, once, affected by cancer viruses it is believed that the immune system of your body is weakened and prone to all type of other infections, making it worse of a situation for us. Similar is the effects of these to your computer.

So, if you believe that you have tried all other way to get your computer in normal state by either rebooting your computer, closing and opening the security solutions and troubleshooting the all other way was in vain than you need a way and help to get out of this. This help can be from the experts and High credential holder tech Experts. So, without wasting any time, pick up your phone and call on VSupportLLC Toll-Free number (1-855-803-4636)and get support from VSupportLLC Tech Experts. Sooner the better!

10. Your friends getting unusual and strange messages from you

Unusual messages

Are you getting calls and messages from your friends and family complaining you being sending strange messages with strange and inappropriate links?
Don’t be surprised and shocked! This is the most common new trend which going on internet these days which not only irritating yet embarrassing. If any such thing happens, first of all, verify emails and messages if sent from your account. If its there, then its possibly been delivered from an application which is out of control.
VSupport Tech Experts suggest you to follow these steps urgently, if you have encountered that messages are sent from your account.
• Make sure you are logged out from all your accounts and devices where you have logged in.
• Set strong passwords for your accounts again. Make sure all your accounts have different passwords.
VSupportLLC Tech Experts want you to walk on this path of technology in the similar way you walk on your street daily with little awareness and attentiveness so that you are able to protect yourself from the criminals of web as well.

Be safe and secure with VsupportLLC!