6 Tips to keep your home computer safe and secure.

The security and safety of your Home computer is always a matter of concern and worry for you. VSupportllc Tech smarties understand your worry and concern regarding your home computer and so they have got you this article wherein they will teach you on how to be assured about the security of your home computer with a regular check.

VSupportLLC Tech smarties in this article will give you few tips and methods so that you can assure your computer’s safety and security from future onwards.

1. Check your anti-virus:

It is very important to make sure that the anti-virus running on your computer is up-to-date. These programs running in the background make sure that your computer remains safe and secure from these viruses and malware. Keep a check on your product and update it if any update is available.


2. Firewall:

Just like your anti-virus even this program run in the background of your computer controls traffic between your PC and rest of the network. It is very necessary that you check your Firewall at regular intervals and in order to check your firewall follow these small steps

For Mac computer follow these steps to check if your firewall is on or not

Firewall is a very important program to run on your computer to make sure that you remain protected from these cyber criminals. Even if you have checked and your firewall is still causing the problem to work, call us on Vsupportllc’s Tech Support toll-free number and get it fixed and secured.


3. Updates:

It is extremely important that Windows update itself automatically. If not then keep a check on windows update and if the update is available then update it. These updates in a program bring in new features and updates which are improved to make it easier for us to work better with the product. Hence Vsupport LLC Tech Experts suggest you keep your product updated so that you can utilize the product in a better manner.


4. Two accounts:

VSupport LLC TechExperts suggest that you use at least two accounts, one Administrative and second standard. In administrative type account manage all your data and windows related things and use the standard account for work and play. If you are doing everything in one administrative account, then, it is suggested that you make a new Standard account. And in order to create a new account follow these few simple steps.


5. Browser

Just like Windows, it is important that the browser you are using to search or visit any site also gets updated at regular intervals. It is quite necessary that you check the settings of your browser and if there is any update available you update it. These updates generally provide better security and improve the search of your browser with better features in the settings helping you out to do a secure search. After updating make sure you go through the complete settings options and activate and deactivate according to your security preferences.


6. Passwords:

Make sure that you have a different password for all the different websites. Using the same password everywhere increases your probability of cyber-attack on your account, especially, access to that important account which contains most of your personal as well as financial information. In fact, make sure that the password you create is long, strong and complex and in order to remember or manage it, use password manager app.


If in case you face problem in doing any of the above things, then, don’t worry! Just give VSupportLLC Tech expert a call on VsupportLLC Toll-free number and they will not only solve the problem for you but will teach you as well, so that, in future, you can be a master of your own computer.


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