What is Ransomware? Why is it so harmful for computer’s data?

In this section of Blog, VSupport TechExperts want to make you aware of the infectious threats growing in the world of internet and want to make you secure by making you aware of them. The viruses, Malware and Spywares have become common and increased their access to availability on all over the internet making the internet security weak and sharing of any personal or financial information unsafe. VSupport understands that how important it has become and how difficult it is for you to get correct information and protection and that too at this time when everything is getting more and more complicated in technology. VSupport believes in making technology and use of it easier in your life and with these educating blogs they just want to serve the purpose.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the most hazardous and threat prone malware which Ransomware when you will read more about them in the article you will understand why this malware needs your serious ATTENTION.
What is Ransomware?
This dangerous malware has sophisticated encryption codes which stop victim to have an access to his/her own files. Hence, the victim is left with no data and being helpless, with only one option of paying these fake people and getting back the data.
Why is it so dangerous?
Well! The Ransomware creators and other cyber criminals are involved in making economy through this malware. So, through clicking any wrong link or closing a pop-up, you have knowingly or unknowingly allows this malware or viruses to enter into your computer. Once entered, they perform their malicious functions and stops you from doing things.
This Ransomware when enters, as being programmed they encrypt all your files and data available on your computer, completely, restricts you from accessing it. And whenever you will open that file, a message will be popped up asking you to pay money like 500 USD for getting the key to decrypt it. You will think this as your last solution and will fall into the trap of these cyber criminals.
Types of Ransomware
1. Encrypting Ransomware:
It incorporates encryption algorithms, which are designed to block system files and demand payment from the victim’s for the decryption key to unblock the content.

2. Locker Ransomware:
It incorporates the algorithm, which locks the operating system, making it difficult for the victim to access the desktop or files on it. In this type of case, the file is not encrypted but still, the attackers ask for ransom to unlock the computer.

3. MBR(Master Boot Record) Ransomware:
In the algorithm of this Ransomware, it enables the operating system to boot up. When these type of Ransomware strikes it blocks the boot process in between with the popped up Ransomware message.
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Learn about Web Browser with VSupport LLC

VSupport LLC TechExperts in this article will help you to learn about Web Browser. Now when the internet has become more of a necessity than entertainment, its usage has also increased beyond the bars all around the globe. More businesses, work and even online jobs are open and available on the internet. Apart even many of the organizations and brands either establishing or established are using internet as a source of marketing and reaching the mass. With such a dependability on the internet, makes it important for us to gather atleast the basic knowledge about it, so, that we a not the last ignorant survivors on this globe. So, to help you with this VSupport LLC Techexperts have got you this article wherein they will be explaining you all about the Web browser and will even clear all your wrong beliefs about it.

What is a Web Browser?

A browser, or a Web Browser, is a software program which helps you to search, reach, retrieve and explore various websites. For examples: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.

As, browsers are used to search other websites, hence, they are being ignored and people have a very little knowledge about it, rather, generally they use the default browser which they generally have installed with their PC i.e. most of the time Internet Explorer for maximum PC’s and Safari for Mac users.

Its somewhere the same like, driving the car, where we just put in the keys and start it without having any basic information about its engine and power. So, when it comes to computers, there are users….

  • who cannot name more than one or two Web browsers.
  • who have no idea that they can switch to another browser for free.
  • who go to google webpage to search a topic, and think that, google is their Browser.

VSupport TECHEXPERTS will educate you about these basic informations regarding Web browser, so, next time if anybody will ask you any question regarding your web browser you will be in a position to answer back smartly with confidence. VSupport TechExperts are here to help you so that you never lag behind in this Tech Savvy world.

Read these points to enhance your knowledge….

  • Know your Browser: When you will look at the far upper left corner of your screen, you will see the name of your browser.



  • Get the Latest Version: Browser gets updates and updated regularly as well, as, computer and technology is changing fast regularly




  • Try a different Browser: you can switch to another browser at any time, it won’t affect your system and you will be able to differentiate the differences as well.


Read the Browser Reviews: on internet you can search for browser reviews and you will be aware about the security parameters and other features on which different browsers deal upon.

Do you want to Know about Web Browser with Connect to VsupportLLC

What is a Web Browser?

Web Browser

is a computer program which is used for accessing a sites or information on a network (i.e. World Wide Web). Browsers are mostly used for viewing Web pages on the internet and different Web Browsers come in different style with different distinctions.

How a web browser retrieves the Web Page?

The code is being fetched or retrieved by the browser application, usually written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and/or another language, from a webserver, interprets this code, and extracts it as a web page for you to view. Web Browsers need user interaction to tell the browser about which website or page he/she is looking for. Mostly this communication between user and Browser is done by Address or Search bar.

The browser gets the information from the web address and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) typed by the user which they are looking forward to search and obtain page/pages accordingly.

For eg:  if you type following URL into the address bar i.e. http://itassists.com/Home/. The browser here will look at this particular URL in two main sections. In the first section it will see the protocol in the address bar, which is “http://”. HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol, is a standard protocol used to request or transmit files on the internet, mostly Web pages and their respective components. So now since, the browser knows the http protocol, it will search the right side content after forward slash. Now moving forward after http:// is “itassists.com” will tell the browser about the location of the web server from which the pages are needed to be retrieved from.

Now, when it will reach this Web server, it will fetch the “Home” page automatically as specified in the address bar.

Once this page is being retrieved, it will be rendered in the browser’s main window for you to view easily.

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Enhance your knowledge about Firewall Security with VSupport LLC

What is Firewall Security?

The word Firewall originally refers to a wall, which was constructed to halt the spread of Fire. Similarly, Firewall Security in the world of computer, refers to network device which blocks and form a barrier between a trusted and untrusted network. The firewall security in our computer blocks the spread of computer attacks.

Packet Filtering Firewall

This is a type of firewall security which has rules to block traffic based on IP Protocols, addresses and/or port numbers. Under these firewall management program, all web traffic will be allowed, including web-based attacks. If you have Packet Firewall Security, then, you need to have an intrusion prevention in order to differentiate between good and bad traffic networks alongwith this firewall as a complete security.

The limitation with this type of firewall security is that it will not be able to differentiate the legitimate return packet and the packets which wants to establish the connection, which means both type of networks will be allowed in your network.


Stateful Firewall

The working of this firewall is same as the packet Firewall but it is more intelligent in terms of detecting the active connections, so that you can define the firewall management rule saying “only allow packets into the network that are part of an already established outbound connections.” The established connection issues is being solved but still it can’t differentiate the good and bad web traffics. And still there is need for an intrusion to detect and block.


Deep packet inspection firewall

This type of firewall looks at application layer attacks i.e. examining the data in the packet. It is somewhat same in functionality like intrusion prevention technology.

There are three restraints, however, first, for some vendors, the definition of “DEEP” changes to some particular examination, hence, does not examine the entire packet. This can possibly miss some bad connections. Second, depends upon the hardware, possibly the firewall doesn’t have the adequate processing power to handle the deep packet inspection for your network. Hence, before purchasing do ask about the bandwidth it will be needing for complete inspection. And finally, the firewall management embedded technology may not be able to flexible in handling all the issues and attacks.


Application aware Firewall

Its working is same as of Deep Packet Firewall, except that Firewall only understands certain protocols and rules, and eradicates them. The approach of Application Aware Firewall is quite flexible and great which permits the signatures and rules to be both specific and comprehensive. There are no specific drawbacks to this type of firewall but some actual attacks might be overlooked because of the real-world traffic.

Application Proxy Firewall

Its an intermediate application proxy for certain application traffics like HTTP, Web etc. It intercepts all the requests and validate them before passing them along. The implementation of entire application proxy is difficult and each proxy can only handle one protocol (eg. web or incoming emails).

This can be effective only when like computer firewall protection, it has to be able to understand, enforce and block the protocol violations.


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How to Upload File and folder in google Drive with Help of VSupport LLC..? also Know More About google Drive..!

Google drive

is a free service which gives you a platform to store your files and folders online on a virtual database. The best option of having it is that if you are traveling and needs your important files, folders, and information on your computer, then there is no need to carry your laptop or any storage device as it’s been saved on the cloud and you can use it anytime when you need it from there.

Advantages of Google Drive:

1. Google Drive is the most common and popular cloud storage service available.
2. Google Drive offers 15Gigabytes (gb) free storage to its each user.
3. Since the files are stored online, it can be retrieved by any computer with an internet connection.
4. Google drive eradicates the need of saving or emailing any file by saving it on the USB drive.
5. Moreover, Google drive allows you to share your files, working with others become quite easier.

Upload and View files

Files can be uploaded to your computer from drive.google.com . These files can be uploaded in private or shared folders.

Drag Files from Google Drive

1. Go to drive.google.com
2. Open or create a folder
3. To upload files and folders, drag them to Google Drive folder.

Use the Google Drive application for your Mac/ PC

1. On your computer install the application.
2. On your computer, you will see a Google Drive folder
3. You can now drag files and folders into that folder which will be visible on drive.google.com

Convert documents into Google formats

1. Go to drive.google.com/drive/settings
2. Next to “Convert Uploads”, check the box.
Note: Change in the settings of Google Drive can be done only on your computer.

Upload files with the same name

To keep both files:
1. Go to drive.google.com
2. Upload a file
3. Click Keep as separate file

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Do you want to know more about Hard Drive Fragmentation and its importance with Vsupport LLC

VSupport comes with its next section of the article which educates you more about your computer and guides to work like an expert of your computer. In this section, we are talking about a very important topic which boosts up the performance of your computer and that is HARD DRIVE FRAGMENTATION.


The way we keep our closet organized by segregating our clothes into different groups and keep it together separately i.e Socks and kerchiefs in one drawer and scarfs in another, making our task of finding a particular cloth easier from the closet.

Similarly, in our computer, we can defragment or organize our hard disk by grouping similar kind of items on the hard drive.


WELL! Imagine! What will happen, if you will dump everything into your closet and you want to wear your sequin black dress for a party? IS it going to be a tedious job! Will it not increase your work and time!

Similarly, the unorganized dumped files make it difficult for your computer to find the particular information you have requested to run a program or perform a task.  And over the time files can become fragmented or separated- thrown into dresser drawers. When this happens, it takes your computer longer to scan or search that information which is needed to perform a particular task, therefore hampering the speed and performance of your computer.

Hence, there is an adhere need for defragmentation of your hard disk, so that it regroups the similar things together, hence,  saving the time and improving the performance of your computer, subsequently, speeding up response time.

How can you defragment your Hard Disk?

To defragment your Hard Disk, follow these simplified steps from VSupport Expert recommendation:

Go to Start Menu….


  • Click on “My Computer” or “Computer


  • Move the cursor to the C: drive, highlight it but don’t double click it


  • Right-click the C: drive


  • Click on “Properties


  • Click on the “Tools” tab


  • Under Defragmentation, click “Defragment now

If you haven’t defragmented your Hard Drive for a long time, then it may take few hours to your computer to complete the task. During these hours, you won’t be able to use your computer.

Are you still facing problem in doing it?

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Install Operating system with VSupport LLC by following these simple steps

Are you facing problem in installing a new operating system!


Got a new computer and don’t know how to begin with it!

Then don’t worry you have landed at right place, with right people who will give you a right and easy guidance on how to install your Operating System. 

VSupport LLC is not just an online technical support company but a company which is continuously contributing towards the environment of technology by helping and making their customer educated in technology with their dedicated team of experts and Techies. With the same intention VSupportcontent writers is giving you an easy step to step guide on how to install an operating system.


  1. Boot your installation disc:

Insert your installation disc in your drive and reboot your computer. As most of the time the computer boots from the hard drive, so settings needs to be changed in your BIOS to install it from the disc drive. You can enter the BIOS setup by hitting the designated setup key.

  • Common setup keys are F2, F10, F12 and DEL/Delete.
  • In the setup menu, navigate to the boot section and set your DVD/ CD drive as the first boot device. If you are installing from USB drive, make sure that the drive is inserted and then select it as the first boot device.
  • Once the correct drive is being selected, saves your changes and exit Setup. Your computer will reboot.


  1. Wait for setup program to load:

No matter which Operating system we are installing, it needs to copy some files for setup on your computer before it can continue. This can take several hours, depending upon the speed of the computer’s hardware.

  • Most likely, you might be asked to choose some basic options, such as language and keyboard layout.


  1. Enter your Key:

If you are installing Windows 8, you will need to enter your product key before you start your installation. But if the version of Windows is older one then you will have to enter your key after the installation is complete. Linux users will not need a product key until and unless it’s a purchased version such as REDHAT.


  1. Choose Installation Type:

You will be given an option of performing Custom installation by Windows. It is highly recommended to choose custom installation and start from scratch, even if you are only upgrading the older version of Windows. This will keep you away from the problems arising later while combining the older version with the new one.

  • If you are installing Linux, you will be given options either to install alongside with your existing operating system, or to erase the disk and install Linux instead. Choose whatever meets the best of your needs. If you installing Linux alongside Windows, you will be asked to designate space for it in hard disk.


  1. Format your Partitions:

While installing Windows, you need to choose which hard drive partition you want to be installed on it. Deleting the partitions will wipe off the data only from that partition and return the space to unallocated sections. Select the unallocated space and create a new partition.


  1. Wait for installation to complete:

Installation process can take even an hour to complete depending entirely on the speed of your computer. Infact, your computer may reboot several times depending upon the installation process.


  1. Create your Windows login:

After completion of Windows installation, you will have to create username. You can even create password, if it is necessary and required. After creating the login info, you need to enter your product key.

  • In windows 8, you will be asked for customized screen color theme first. After that, you can either choose to log in with the Microsoft account or with traditional Windows username.


  1. Install your drivers and programs:

After installation, you will be directed to a new desktop, where you can install new programs. And make sure that your drivers are installed and up-to-date. If you are going to connect to the internet, make sure that you install an anti-virus on your computer.


In case, even after following these steps if you are not able to or facing any kind of problem in installing the Operating System. Don’t worry! Click on this link www.itassists.com and call VSupportTechExperts on Toll-Free number. Talk to them and get help from them! We are 24/7 available at your service.